The Seasonal Products Secret - 12 Months of Etsy Printables Ideas

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Stuck on printable ideas for your Etsy shop?

I'm Julie Berninger, 30-something Mom from Seattle and Etsy seller.

    I've been selling bachelorette party printables and temporary tattoos in my Etsy shop since 2018 as a side hustle. I crossed over 1,000 orders and $6,000 in total revenue!

    I absolutely love selling printables since they are the perfect passive income product and this is something I can do on the side. With work and life as a new Mom, I appreciate that it's relatively low maintenance.

    It's also a fun creative outlet for me!

    Here are my shop stats from Etsy:

    Curious about this side hustle but don't know what to sell?

    I have 50+ ideas listed by month in my new 22-page ebook.

    This ebook will also:

    • Explain why seasonal printables are the best on Etsy
    • Give you a list of best-selling seasonal products
    • Teach you to use free online tools to pick the best products

    Picking the product is often the hardest part and the first step so hopefully this book gets your ideas going.

    Enjoy the ebook and good luck with your Etsy shop!


    Julie Berninger

    PS - Want to learn more about me and my side hustle selling printables on Etsy?

    I blog at Millennial Boss and I teach people how to sell printables online as a side hustle via my online course through Gold City Ventures.


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